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Transformative Self-Care: An Exploration of Movement, Mindfulness, and Osteopathy.    January 21 – 26, 2018, Kripalu, Stockbridge, MA.

The 3 Anatomies Of The Heart: Personal, Biological, Cosmic.   April 19 – 22, 2018, Durham, NC


Transformative Self-Care: An Exploration of Movement, Mindfulness, and Osteopathy

at Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA

Sunday, January 21 – Friday, Jan 26, 2018

The dark days of winter allows for time to slow down, turn inward, and cultivate deep listening, guiding you to care for yourself from a place of inner wisdom.

Osteopathic physician Bonnie Gintis has survived and thrived for 8 years with advanced stage breast cancer and rheumatoid arthritis by being curious, listening to her body, and opening to life’s mysteries.

In a program designed for everyone, Bonnie guides your experiential learning as you explore:

  • Inner resources for resilience, adaptability, and change.
  • Awareness of internal experience through breath, sound, guided and silent meditation, and fluid movement.
  • Cultivating curiosity and becoming comfortable with uncertainty.
  • Radically reimagining and transforming how you care for yourself.
  • How to resolve the past and prepare for the future by attending to the nuance and necessity of the present moment.
  • The internal sensation of rest, as opposed to the externally-stimulated craving for comfort.
  • Our interconnectedness with each other and the natural world.
  • The difference between discipline and devotion to self-care.
  • Inquiring and listening, and developing a sensory vocabulary to communicate about what’s going on in your body.
  • Surrendering control, and cultivating discernment and choice.

Discover the radical possibilities for health and well-being available to you when you combine fluid movement practices of Continuum and mindfulness meditation with the principles of osteopathic treatment.

Recommended reading – Bonnie Gintis, Engaging the Movement of Life: Exploring Health And Embodiment Through Osteopathy And Continuum (North Atlantic Books).

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The 3 Anatomies Of The Heart: Personal, Biological, Cosmic.

April 19 – 22, 2018, Durham, NC

The 3 Anatomies of The Heart: Personal, Biological, Cosmic are integral to our existence, essential to the expression of our health, and fundamental to our connection to the world in which we live, but many of us struggle with fully engaging with these vital forces. This workshop will present a wide scope of views of the heart, ranging from the personal, cultural, structural, biological, primordial, functional, to the cosmic, energetic, and spiritual, and provide ways to integrate this knowledge through experience.

There will be lectures, discussions, and visual presentations to accompany movement, breath, sound, and meditation explorations. This workshop experience can be valuable both as a form of self-exploration and care, and as a way for practitioners to develop and deepen the perceptual skills used with patients or clients.

Bonnie Gintis offers a unique blend of Osteopathic principles and philosophy, scientific and medical information, poetry, and perceptual inquiry, combined with an opportunity to experience it all through Continuum practice. Utilizing breath, sound, movement, meditative open attention, and perceptual inquiry, this workshop provides an opportunity to experience an embodied understanding of the wisdom of the embodied heart of the living human body.

In this workshop we will explore innovative views of:

  • The anatomy, physiology, and embryology of the heart
  • the heart as an expressive and receptive organ of communication
  • the relationship of the heart, the brain, and the face
  • the dynamics of blood, lymph, and other fluid movements
  • the relationships the heart has with other viscera/organs
  • psycho-neuro-immunological relationships mediated by the heart
  • the interpersonal neurobiology of the heart
  • the sound of the heart and the sound of the movement of blood
  • perceiving “the field of the heart” in ourselves and in others
  • the heart as a form in space, and a movement in time
  • the cosmic resonance of the spiraling vortex of the heart

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Classes with Bonnie Gintis, DO explore the common ground shared by mindfulness, Continuum’s fluid movement, and Osteopathy. A variety of workshops are offered for people who are interested in exploring the vast possibilities for the full expression of health and embodiment. Classes are valuable as a form of self-treatment, and as a way for people involved in any aspect of healthcare to develop and deepen diagnostic and treatment skills. Some classes are open to people of all levels of function and ability, including those with disabilities, or limited movement and exercise ability. Some courses are tailored to the needs and interests of people with particular health concerns. Others are oriented to Osteopaths, MDs, and other healthcare practitioners. Please read the descriptions to choose a workshop or course suited to you.